Friday, October 2, 2015

Less of Me

Many of my Facebook friends and Twitter followers know that, a couple of weeks ago, I posted that I have lost 30 pounds this year--from 194 to 164. I probably weigh less than that now.

When asked how I did it, I said that I used a modified South Beach diet along with another method. That other method was fasting,along with, of course, prayer.

To be sure, losing weight wasn't my goal for the 8-day fast. This was the collective goal--->to get the Holy Spirit's guidance in three areas: 1) my personal relationships, 2) my then-upcoming move, and 3) to boldly intercede in prayer for an individual even with push-back from that person and from another person.

So I got what I prayed for and lost a little over a third of that 30 pounds as an added benefit. My flesh has been changed in more ways than one.

For now, donations will go toward my storage fees. Here are some of the things I have there: my great-aunt's Vintage Crystal, a valuable chalk rendering of my great-uncle, a 52 volume set of the Great Books, 2 computers, vintage refinished bedroom furniture, vintage table, chair and mirror set, most of my clothing and...well, you get the idea. Please help me get it out so I can put it in my new apartment!

Old School

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