Monday, October 19, 2015

Why, Yes, I am Paranoid

After some nice words and even nicer fund-raising by Bill T. Quick on my behalf, I opined that I often feel as though I'm spinning my wheels as far as blogging goes. Confirmation: as readers know, I sometimes go back into the archives of my old blog and pull out something for a contemporaneous occasion. But saying "I told you so" over and over again gets tiresome.

That said, I told you so.

The West is being Herded.

“Conspiracy theorists” have been ridiculed over the decades. So I suppose that the reverse ethnic cleansing facilitated by the governments of two Western entities is mere coincidence. And, though there are many other reasons that our situation isn't as bad as that in Europe, the primary one is this. (The secondary one is that the human beings used to invade America are, primarily, Christian.)

The heads of government and the wannabes know this. That's why they keep making gun-confiscation noises almost every time a person demonstrates the Fallen nature of humankind using a firearm.

Almost every time. The exception?

Gun control advocates remain silent on the homicide rate in Chicago; the highest in the country. Chicago also has the country's strictest gun-control laws.


Jim Young/Reuters

It's as if all is going according to plan in places like Chicago and our leaders want to see Chicago-type numbers spring up all over the country. Nah, that couldn't be...

It isn’t paranoia, when your government is trying to get you killed.

Thank you, family and friends, for helping me save my earthly inheritance! You are the best!

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