Sunday, November 29, 2015

After-Action Report on the Enemy

The three murdered by the Colorado Springs Shooter are: UCCS police officer Garrett Swasey, 44, Jennifer Markovsky, 36, and Ke’Arre Stewart, 29. They were not in the Planned Parenthood clinic in question. None of the clinic's employees or patients were injured by the shooter.

There is almost a gruesome symmetry to the varied identities of these three individuals: a white man, an Asian woman, and a black man, respectively. All leave spouses and children behind.

The symmetry is that, while we the living, continue to drive wedges wider among ourselves, these young people seem to have lived very normal lives before having them end so abruptly. As for the shooter, he did not know that Swasey was a pro-life pastor, or that Stewart was an Iraq War veteran or that Markovsky was a military spouse. This dude didn’t care about their genders, their outer coatings, or their diverse opinions. (Markovsky had been accompanying a friend to the Planned Parenthood clinic.)

The three fallen almost present a snapshot of America--of humanity. And that’s what the shooter seemed to target, without, of course, knowing it. It’s almost as if a hidden spiritual hand guided the shooter's hands and his projectiles, not to mention his mind—an evil hand.

The owner of that hand has demonstrated many patterns, one of which is that he tends to destroy from within. This applies to individuals as well as to nations. Shootings like that in Colorado Springs, like those in Chicago, and like all of the countless others are “mere” results of that handiwork. That the normalization of Planned Parenthood's main reason for being is also one of these results requires the adjective “mere” within the context of my topic.

Our true enemy wants all of us dead. And, no, I’m not referring to Muslims here or even to the president when calling out this adversary; the enemy wants them dead, too.

Our ultimate enemy roams the earth seeking those who can be devoured by him. When we who are Christian remember that—especially with respect to our individual selves—we are able to speak the truth in love and to act accordingly. Fear of any sort is not an option.

Grieve for the families of these people, but stick to your principles--and keep sticking it to the enemy.

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