Monday, November 16, 2015

In Which I Play Weatherman...

Trying to "Make it Rain" something other than dollar bills...

Recall that, in his second autobiography (yeah, I know), The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama famously said: "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." To give the quote context, he was discussing the internment of Americans of Japanese descent by Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt during WWII (and left out the context that FDR locked up Italian- and German-Americans as well).

With the seeding of Syrian refugees in the USA, it seems to me that the president has been attempting to become the Weather-maker for at least two years.

President Obama has been trying and succeeding at the destabilization of Islamic countries almost since taking his first oath of office. However,  he has been doing the same for his own country, as well.

A goodly portion of the National Security Edifice of the USA has a Muslim in several executive positions; some--including me--believe this includes the director of the CIA.

Also, there is the Illegal Alien Transportation Program (my coinage) from last year. But none of these things are bringing chaos in this country fast enough. Bring on the terrorists, says our president. He knows what is likely to happen just as sure as the EU did when it spread its legs opened its doors to every jihadi in the world.

And even if chaos isn't sown in this manner--even if jihadis are too afraid to conduct Paris-style attacks due to Infidels Who are Able to Shoot Back, there are the governors who say "Not in My State, you won't."

Alabama, Michigan[!], Texas, Arkansas, Indiana and Louisiana governors start refusing Syrian refugees in wake of French terror attacks
(I guess Michigan's governor says, "we're full.")

There are surely more state governors who will say "no" and I bet that the president--or whoever runs things--is counting on it. Why? Because state rebellion against the federal government is what precipitated our last Civil War.

All he's trying to do is direct the direction--and the speed--of the Wind. It's an easily observable strategic pattern--for those who want to see, that is.

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