Friday, December 4, 2015


I don’t think this will garner much sympathy.
Arsalan Iftikhar, a human rights lawyer who is working on a book on Islamophobia in the United States, said that headline was evidence of how people jump to conclusions about a suspect in a crime who is Muslim. 
“When a Muslim American commits a murder, their religion is brought front and center,” he said. “With anyone else, [it’s] a crazy, kooky loner.” 
Many Muslims said fear of Islam is being fueled by the heated rhetoric of Republican presidential candidates, particularly businessman Donald Trump, who has called for surveillance of some mosques and requiring Muslims to register with the government.
Islam has a creed requiring its adherents to terrorize nonbelievers—instill fear in them. It’s possible that these attempts are backfiring, so to speak, at least among Americans and a few others. Donald Trump’s suggestion is a tactic; the mere speaking of it is a method of turning tables, instilling fear, in turn.

And, even before San Bernardino, many saw Black Friday as the opportunity to take advantage of deals on ammo and weapons.

The emotion most provoked by San Bernardino is anger, and, while I'm still furious--an emotion in me which has simmered since 9/11/2001--I think that emotionalism is more of a hindrance than an assist.

More in a bit.

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