Thursday, December 3, 2015

Who I am and Why I am Fundraising

I've had a lot of new visitors to the blog, so this for you, new people. Welcome.

(Re-)Introduction. Read this first.

After you read that, read Dream Come True. I still am unable financially to get my passport, visa, and immunizations.

And now for this, Working and Earnings.

Before I send to posts of mine which I like, you should read The Herding Series. It's on a tab at the top of the page.Thank you.

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: The goal is $1500 in sales and donations by December 15. As of today at 7:00 PM PT, there have been six donations totaling $260.00 and one sale totaling $10.99, for a grand total of $270.99. Thank you!

Please contribute to Juliette’s Projects: Kenya Trip, A Roof Over My Head, my Storage Facility, my new novel, this blog, and my Internet--to keep them going and to the COFFEE fund to keep me going!

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