Friday, December 11, 2015

Request to Those Who Blamed Christians for Colorado Springs

A defendant in the Rotherham case
Copyright Tom Maddick
I seem to recall that a few of my friends and at least one relative saying that we Christians and conservatives had to take responsibility for the Colorado Springs Terrorist, Robert Dear. Okay, fine. May the Lord rebuke that evil man in Jesus' name. I hope he gets the most severe earthly penalty. And, spiritually speaking, Dear disobeyed one of Christ's commandments and it is up to God as to how He wants to handle that.

I hope, however, that my friends and family wield their moral cudgels equally and are applying this same standard to their Muslim acquaintances for all of these mass murders committed by Muslims in 2015 alone. This is not a complete list, to be sure:

San Bernardino
Paris (November)
Paris (January)

Oh and, though it is not murder...

Show me where you had at least a little harsh language for these practitioners of their least as much as you had for practitioners of my faith. Thanks in advance.

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