Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stuff to Do

Thanks to some generous friends, I'm going out to apply for my passport today!

Also, I'm headed to the LAPL. Usually, I download e-books and audiobooks from the LAPL website; as I've mentioned before, virtual books make public transportation so much easier. It's only on occasion that I will haul my butt over to a branch to pick up a dead-tree book. In this case, the book is needed for a post I'm composing.

And, it occurs to me that virtual books can make one a bit lazy...

Want something to read? Go see why Jim Treacher thinks that Donald Trump won last night's debate and why he thinks Trump will be the next POTUS. One way or another, it will get your blood boiling!

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: The goal is $1500 in sales and donations by December 31. As of today at 2:00 PM PT, there have been 13 donations totaling $1054.00 and one sale totaling $10.99, for a grand total of $1064.99. Thank you!

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