Monday, January 25, 2016

Germany, Disunified

Bibi Wilhailm is 16-years-old, German, beautiful and afraid. Of what? Of walking down the damned street.

Here, she elaborates. In German with English translation.

The poor girl goes out of her way not to appear to be xenophobic or against refugees. All she wants is to not be molested in her own country and for the elected leaders of Germany to stop facilitating rapists. Oh and she expects German men to behave like men. I don't think that's to much to ask.

Last week, it was widely reported that the German government had lost track of 600,000 of the so-called refugees. Germany's interior minister now denies this--contradicting himself--but Germany's government seems to have difficulty acknowledging reality, so who knows?

And, of course, the US government is no better.

We all know about Germany's 20th century history of extremism--deadly. But the purposeful influx of members of a culture who view women as property and as spoils of war is still another example of German extremism. Deadly, as well.

Genocide or suicide: are these the only two modes of thinking for German leaders? There has to be a whole lot of middle ground between systematically killing a group of people and allowing hordes of another group into that same country to ravage its women--and, no doubt, men.

But I think that German Chancellor Angela Merkel knows what she's doing: creating intentional chaos. But why? It's almost as if she wants Germans to revert to the ways of their grandparents.

Something else occurred to me yesterday. We all know that President Obama is intent on bringing the same types of groups into the US and we also remember that the US has been accused of spying on Germany; on Merkel in particular. I wonder if Merkel's actions are related to this.

(Thanks to American Thinker)

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