Monday, January 25, 2016


This is a very interesting op-ed by Laura Ingraham. She admonishes the National Review, which, last week, officially came out against the GOP presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

However, I think that many, many conservatives are making a huge mistake: conflating political ideology with a person-persona who mouths those ideologies but who has not lived them and/or incorporated them in his professional life.

Only religious ideologies are and should be embodied in individuals. Think Jesus the Christ or Mohammed.

Ingraham, no dummy by a long shot, implicitly does this also--perhaps knowingly--and I think I know why: because it won't matter when voting time comes around. She just wants the conservative side to win--what's left of that side.

But is winning everything? See: 114th Congress and its actions since being seated.

I believe that there is, in actuality, only one side left. All else is theater.

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