Tuesday, February 9, 2016

On the Doorstep


PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila–The Mexican Los Zetas cartel used a network of oven facilities to cover-up the systematic mass extermination of innocent people during the 2011-2013 period when the cartel had complete governmental control over most of the Mexican state of Coahuila. From the then-governor of Coahuila, down to the city jails, Los Zetas had complete control of every aspect of governmental process and of the lives of Mexican citizens–including news media. Their atrocities in Coahuila have remained largely unreported and undocumented by any governmental agencies; local, state, federal, or international.
Ever again.

The Breitbart constellation of sites has taken a lot of heat for its choices since the death of Andrew Breitbart, but Breitbart Texas deserves kudos and blessing for putting the lives of its reporters on the line to get this story out.

Question: are things like this happening in the USA and going unreported? If they are, it would not be unprecedented. Remember that our major media organizations are owned by only six corporate entities.

That's why this type of news needs to be passed along by any means necessary.

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