Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Job Progress 3/22/2016

Remember when I had samples of my new novel up for viewing? I was going to call it Arlen's Harem, but now the title will change and, as I mentioned before, the plot is being re-worked to incorporate some of my old writings. So I took the sample chapters down. Just for the sake of  'hey, look at this,' here is one of the original chapters.

One of the people who had been helping me with the layout of the novel is the person whose treachery I called out in this post. This, along with my radical changes in lifestyle, altered my trajectory forward. But I almost back on course.

I've never done a plot rework; I wrote the end of Tale of Tigers first and lead the rest of the novel up to that point. I don't know how the novel formerly know as Arlen's Harem will end but anticipation is the fun part.

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This is my JOB. It pays for: A Roof Over My Head, the writing of My Next Book(s), and Utilities--especially Internet and COFFEE! Yes, coffee is a utility.

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