Monday, August 8, 2016

In Case You've Never Read My Blog Before

Blogspot has a feature I just recently noticed. It allows a blogger to ad a widget featuring his/her top traffic-receiving posts, so I put the widget up on the left sidebar. But it has a serious drawback: it only picks posts from the past 365 days. Therefore, I decided to point to some earlier posts, both highly-trafficked ones and some of my case you're interested.

These Posts Had Lots of Hits

How Leftist Targeting Calculus Works

Exposure: BLMs Love White People

I’ll Just Leave This Right Here

The Scattered: Spiritual Reasons for Black Failure

Unhappy Obama Home

What Lies Between Normal and Nutting Up

I Accept the Shame You Cast Upon Me

Azealia Banks Perfectly Agrees with My 'Scattered' Post

Agitating Dirty

Posts I like That Didn't Necessarily Get that Many Hits

Short-Takes on Why I Prefer Blogging to Social Media

Donald Trump and Our Current Level of Deception

Maybe It’s the Novelist in Me

Kwanzaa: The Night After Christmas

Passing for Super Heroes

Action and What Comes Before It

Tin Foil-age and More

After Action Report on the Enemy

All-Purpose Cudgel

'Religious Extremism' and You

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