Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Researching Kenya's War on Terror

Many of you know that I have accelerated the writing of my second novel, Arlen’s Harem. February 1st was the original date target, then March 1st. Well, it looks like the target date will have to be moved again. I hope my supporters are okay with that.

I’m taking a short break from it to do some research on and write about Kenya’s role in the War on Terror, as requested by one of my readers. And this is something which may have a dual purpose, as it could be a part of a longer work about my father’s home country.

Now that Barack Obama has galloped off into the sunset, there might not be that much interest in the country anymore. However, for obvious reasons, I’m still interested and I hope that a few others are as well.

To begin a small primer on the topic, start with Kenya's Dadaab. It's the largest refugee camp in the world and the refugees are, primarily, Somalis--both in the ethnic and citizenship sense.

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