Monday, February 13, 2017

Short Observations About Offensiveness and Shame

I’m not a shrink but I’ve had 55.5 years of having to ponder and dust off the shame which others try to heap on me, various motives not important. Of note also are those who will take offense for non-obvious reasons.

This is my conclusion: shame-mongers and offense-takers are always projecting.

An online friend gets angry every time anyone says that black Americans should get off the Democrat “plantation” or that the Great Society programs “re-enslaved” black Americans.

This friend says that it’s offensive whenever anyone uses metaphors/similes involving slavery to address problems within the black community, as if being offended is a more relevant problem than the dystopic state of most Democrat-controlled majority-black communities. My friend has been saying this for years, but still left unexplained is this: what, specifically, makes it offensive.

Slavery references are offensive only if one is ashamed of the servitude condition of one’s ancestors. It’s why some black people are still “mad” about the status in which their ancestors came to America.

They’re not angry, per se; they’re ashamed of it. And they want everyone else to feel it, too.

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