Tuesday, September 19, 2017

About Money and Donating

I've mentioned before that a friend chewed me out -- in private -- because I've had a hard time making money lately. She said that there are plenty of online money-making opportunities (outside of blogging) and she's right. I've availed myself of a few of them and if I were to devote my whole day just to that, I'd probably be able to make a decent bit of change.

But I'd have no time to write or to pay attention to things so that I know what I'm talking about when I write.

I have about 10-15 subscribers/consistent supporters and I'm grateful for them. In addition, I'd like to have about 100 subscribers who give 5-20$ per month. That would be perfect.

If my work has some value to you, consider it and participate in this campaign. Thanks.

About my new Patreon account: I have two free, non-political videos up. The price will change as I improve.

Thank you, Jerry M., for the new baldilocks talks logo!

Every Tuesday and Saturday, I blog at the award-winning Da Tech Guy Blog. Latest: Cottoned.

When you hit the Tip Jar, it helps pays for: A Roof Over My Head, Food, Gasoline, Car Insurance, the writing of My Next Book(s), and Utilities--especially Internet and COFFEE! Yes, coffee is a utility. 

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