Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Our Power, Should We Choose It

For better or worse, Donald Trump is changing the perception of the presidency. Unlike George W. Bush, he overtly pushes back at his foes with the benefit of Social Media. (Barack Obama pushed back at his, but was more deceptively polite about it -- usually.) Many don’t like President Trump's tactics and say that his salvos are beneath “presidential dignity,” whatever that means. And perhaps they are right.

But I think that we have elevated what it means to be president far too high, especially with the last president and with this one.

I’ve said before that many Americans look to a president as a savior/Savior – or as the Devil. And I can’t say that I am not guilty of this overestimation with respect to Former President Obama. Like many others, I feared that he would destroy this country. Now, I’m not saying that the former president and his backers weren’t trying to do that; what I am saying it that we are much more resilient that we thought. In retrospect, it’s reassuring to discover that he didn’t have the power to do it and I assert that neither does Donald Trump.

Though my inner conspiracy-theorist says that there are hidden and not-so-hidden actors still trying to split this country apart, the power to resist it remains with us, the People. And that power is spiritual.

I hope more of us realize this.

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