Monday, November 20, 2017

Work or Work?

Here’s what I'll be working for this week.
  1. Gasoline: CA’s recent gas tax hike has made it more difficult to keep gas in the car. Cheapest: $3.09. I’d like to fill up the 15-gallon tank this week – something I’ve done only once since I’ve owned it.
  2. Brakes: brake light flashes once when I turn the car on; probably just in need of brake fluid.
  3. Laptop maintenance: Asus Windows 10. It’s a workhorse; no maintenance since I bought it in 2014 with Windows 7. Locks up regularly and cursor jumps around without warning. It’s time.
  4. Space heater: Because I live in Southern CA and my landlord pays for water and because of electric cooking appliances, I’ve been able to do without gas during the summer. In winter, however, this is harder -- not only because it’s colder, but, since I do most of my laundry by hand, it takes days for it to dry. A space heater would reduce this time span down to an hour, probably.
  5. Electric and Internet bills – and coffee in bulk: Obvious.
I want to do a post here each day this week, including another one today; these will go along with my
The perfect metaphor for my typing speed
usual semi-weekly posts for Da Tech Guy.

I have an at-will gig at a transcription site and I could spend all day doing that and pay for some of this stuff by next Monday. But if I do it that way, no blogging will get done.

So, again, I’d like you all to help if you want. Thanks.

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