Monday, January 22, 2018

It's Okay to Dislike Trump; It's Not Okay to Distort the Bible

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I was going to fisk this short bit of virtue-signaling by NRO's David French, but the bulk of it merely builds on a foundation contained in the first paragraph – or, rather, the absence of that foundation.
I agree wholeheartedly with my colleague Jonah Goldberg. Social conservatives (especially Christian conservatives) should unequivocally condemn Donald Trump’s now almost-certain affair with a porn star. They should speak with the exact same level of conviction and apply the same standards that they’d apply to a Democrat caught in the same sleazy circumstances. After all, Republican adultery is every bit as repugnant as Democratic adultery.
I get right on that as soon as Mr. French can reference scripture in which we Christians are commanded or even encouraged to denounce the past sins of a secular leader who was not even a Christian at the time of those sins. (And let's not forget what the Bible says about gossip many, many times.)

To help, I would humbly suggest that Mr. French review the life stories of Moses and Saul/Paul. (I certainly hope that French and others understand why I point to these two.) Re-reading and comprehending John 8:3-11 would also be in order. Also, the Parable of the Priest and the Publican; the priest in that story had the nerve to try to flash the virtue signal at God -- who wasn't having it.

Used to be that only anti-theists felt comfortable publicly perpetrating their distortions about God and about what Christians believe. Times they are a-changing.

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