Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Not Crumbs: $1500

At least not to me, especially since I've been getting ignored by employers -- Amazon sent me a fourth "thank you, but we are not moving forward with your application" email yesterday. I actually appreciate those.

But, I still have to pay my rent, my utilities, and my internet, per usual. So, your donations are appreciated. Also, I have about three non-blog projects to finish.

I'm looking a $1500 -- two bills are overdue. I'll keep you posted about the goal.

Something else I hope many of you do: pray for my friend Peter Ingemi, proprietor of Da Tech Guy Blog, which, as you know, has been my blog-home away from home since 2013.

Peter's blog is down. Normally, I post there on Tuesday afternoons, but it looks as though that won't happen today. He doesn't know what the problem is.

Also, I had planned to post my January Digest of blog posts from DTGB, but publishing it would be futile if you can't get to the site. As soon as all is back in order, I'll put up the digest post here.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, I blog at the award-winning DaTechGuyBlog. Latest post: Who Runs Things? (Site Down.)

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