Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Six Items of Interest for February 7, 2018 (UPDATED)

Dan Bongino Show Leads the Pack on the real Obamagate story

I think Washington and/or the media tends to want to box people into this or that, and people are much more complex than that.”

There are many aspects of this life I would like – the low-wage job part, for example. Amazon blew up my phone yesterday, saying they have tons of delivery jobs here in LA. This was the same day that they sent me my fourth “thanks, but no thanks” email about jobs for which I applied, one of them being delivery.

Quincy Jones interview. Fascinating and hair-raising. Marvin Gaye? Richard Pryor? UPDATE: Yes, Richard Pryor.
Quincy Jones
When DREAMer Platitudes Whitewash Bloody Reality

A Brief History of the Fake News Media 

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