Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Run Down by Chaos or Why Your Lives and Mine Don't Matter

Edwin Jackson
On Sunday, Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe were run down by a twice-deported illegal alien  named Manuel Orrega-Savala whose blood-alcohol level was .239 (Police reported that the name he gave to the authorities -- Alex Cabrera-Gonzales – was fake.) Both Jackson and Monroe are dead. I bet that Mr. Jackson had imbibed a bit himself and called a taxi to get home, just to be on the safe side. Just to keep himself and others safe.

When President Trump introduced some of his State of the Union guests, notable among them were two married couples whose daughters were murdered by MS-13 gang members -- at least two of whom are illegal aliens -- I looked up their story. The couples appeared to be black Americans, but it turns out that they are Hispanic Americans or Latinx, as the latest politically-correct term styles it.

Just two young girls – best friends -- walking home.

Then, there’s Katie Steinle, just out for a stroll with her father. The illegal alien who killed her was found not guilty of manslaughter.

Locally, there was Jamiel Shaw II. Jamiel’s 2008 murder by an illegal alien gang member has always weighed heavily on my heart. And the fact that he was black is the least of reasons. Shaw was set to graduate from my alma mater, Los Angeles High School. He, his father, mother and brothers lived not far from where I lived during my high school years. And, worst of all, at the time of his murder, his mother, Anita, was serving in the Army National Guard and was stationed in Iraq.

Think about that. Mrs. Shaw was safer in Iraq than her son was at home. And young Shaw had merely been on his way home from a trip to the mall. He was just a few houses down from home.

Safe. Home.

We are not safe at home.

This is not a political party thing, nor an ethnic thing, but a power issue. Celebrities like Mr. Jackson are not safe. Young girls walking home from school or on outings with their parents are not safe, and aspiring athletes like Mr. Shaw are not safe. Black, brown, white, and yellow Americans aren’t safe. Legal immigrants aren’t safe. Even illegal ones aren’t.

Would we be safe were every illegal alien put out of this country today? Of course not. But we, as a nation, are obliged to handle our own problems and not obliged to deal with burglars who not only squat here, but can’t even have the decency to not kill us mid-squat.

But we know what the true problem is: the government class. And it’s not even just the Democrats. Do you not remember the 2007 turkey also known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform? I distinctly remember one conservative named Linda Chavez concluding that opponents of that floatation of amnesty were racist. It was 11 years ago, but the acronym FYB is still sitting just behind my lips.

Yes, I’m still pissed.

But not as pissed as the families of the above-mentioned victims are, safe bet.

Chaos and tribalist war have long been the goal of allowing illegal entry into this country to continue unchecked. I will point the finger at every president all the way back to President Reagan (yes) and every congress back to the point of Reagan’s second term. They are the leaders of the government class and, therefore, have either served up chaos or sat back while chaos does what it always does.

It rolls downhill on those least able to defend ourselves against it.

Edwin Jackson
Jeffrey Monroe
Katie Steinle
Nisa Mickens
Kayla Cuevas
Jamiel Shaw II

And all of the others. Safe home at last.

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