Monday, March 19, 2018

A Cane for a Blind Dude

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One of my FB friends is an "atheist." I have other friends who are actual atheists, but this guy is an AINO.

How do I know? He's the only one who feels compelled to declare his atheism and to assert non-existence of Jehovah whenever I share some basic insight about the latter. He claims that he makes declarative statements to incite "debate." I have my doubts because, I've been posting about my personal experiences and insights the God of the Bible both here and at Peter's place for years  -- about four times in just the last week -- but this guy never acknowledges these missives, not even to dispute them. But he claims that we Christians are afraid to talk about it.

Having personally experienced spiritual blindness, I think a lot of it is willful.

Anyway, here's a preliminary list of blog posts where I've talked about the triune God, His effect on my being, and/or things that can be inferred from the Bible.

There are many more, but I think this is a good start.

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