Saturday, April 21, 2018

Prison Break

A journey

In the world of Chaos
Camouflaged poison
And diaphanous oaths

Are the Dinner of death
Purchased with 30 pieces
Of not-silver

Simmered in fear
One seasoning: bitterness

Carnal men lust for evil women
As both avenge their tears
On each other
And move on

"People come and they go
"It's just the way that it goes"
Says Chaos's Prince
Channeled by a singer

The walls are high
In the Prison made of nothing
Where the Warden wields
An Air-Powered baton


In the unbroken circle
Hopes are fulfilled
Beauty equals Truth
And Forgiveness is the gift
Received by the Giver

"I am the Way, the Truth
"And the Life"

Carved in the Cornerstone
Of the lone refuge

The meat is sweet
The Water Lives
And the Comfort is endless

Love is the specialty of the house


Battered and fried
By Chaos
The prisoner returns to the Circle
Where the Door stands

And where the King of the Unseen bids her to stay

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