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The Demonic Nature of Mob Justice Plus a Cleanser

People throw around the word attack too freely, especially online. There are only two ways, however, that a person can be attacked: physically and spiritually.

The mechanics of a physical attack are obvious, but spiritual attacks are less recognizable. Spiritual attacks sometimes come directly from the source, but, other times, they come from people in the physical world. In reality, such people are only conduits, the means through which the source of the attack -- the Devil -- sends his munitions -- his demons.

Think of such people as rocket launchers. God uses people and, since Satan is a mimicker of God, he uses people, too.

And Satan does this one thing very often: he deploys a Legion.

On Friday, the three US Senators who are black, Cory Booker (D-NJ), Kamala Harris (D-CA), and Tim Scott (R-SC) introduced an anti-lynching measure in the Senate. Many are deriding it as a race-pandering measure and it probably is, but, considering what I wrote above, I have a different take on it. And, if you think about it, you’ll notice that lynchings are not always race-based.

This one is an example.

We rarely think about this, but nation-states and ethnic groups are subject to the spiritual forces of the actions of their past: of their foundations, their good deeds, and their crimes. And those nations and groups will feel the effects of its crimes in particular throughout the generations unless one of two things happen: God intervenes and/or a nation or ethnic group repents of its crimes and embeds that repentance into national body and does so on its own.

Of course, it can be argued that this country has already embedded into its body the repentance of its crimes against Americans who are black via the Civil War, the 13th through 15th Amendments, the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act. Fair enough and I agree.

But consider the following.

I think that lynching and any other gang or mob action against any target is carried out by people who are possessed by demons. This applies to any death of an individual at the hands of any mob when that individual has not been subject to a fair legal process and when the mob has no authority to carry out an execution. (This is why I’m not against all capital punishment carried out by the state.)

And, since this nation has refused identical anti-lynching measures 200 times – refused to disavow a method of human sacrifice carried out by Satanic forces -- this new measure is necessary for spiritual reasons, other reasons given notwithstanding. (Consider this when you think about Roe vs. Wade and about how many abortions have been carried out in this country since that court ruling.)

This horrifying lynching story in Texas epitomizes  – at least to me – the demonic nature of mob justice. [UPDATE: Dead link. Go to here.] It happens that the victim was guilty of the crime and probably demoniacally possessed himself, considering the nature of his crime. In some stories there are no good guys.

Read that last link before you continue.


A funny thing happens when you read about things like that. You desire the cleansing of your mind and spirit. For me, that’s an instinctive process – or maybe it’s something that God does for me. As it happens, reading about that horror reminded me of a family story, also set partially in Texas. It's one of love and of individuals.

I’ve mentioned that, for the first part of my minor years, I was raised by my great-aunt and great-uncle, Alma and John Simpkins. Aunt Alma was my grandmother’s older sister.

Uncle John was from Texas, but he and a significant portion of his family had moved to Southern California starting in the 1920s or 30s. This move probably began with his own aunt and uncle, Lucy Collins – his mother’s sister – and her husband, J.B. Collins.

Aunt Lucy and Uncle J.B. lived in Fontana, CA and I always enjoyed visiting them because Fontana was quite rural back in the 60s. The two had been married since they were in their late teens or early 20s, but never had any children, so, they doted on all of us. I was not their blood niece, but they didn’t care and neither did I.

After Aunt Alma and Uncle John were divorced and I went to live with my mom and dad, I didn’t see much of Uncle John’s family. Much later, I found out that Uncle J.B. died in the 70s and around 25 years later, Aunt Lucy followed. I wasn’t surprised to find out that she had been 100 years old or more when she died because she and Uncle J.B. were old back in the 60s.

And here’s the interesting part, told to me by Aunt Alma.

Uncle J.B. was very pale-skinned and he shaved his head, so we had always thought that he was a “one drop rule” type of black man. But when he died, and his relatives came to the funeral, all of them were white. Uncle John’s family discovered that Uncle J.B. had no known black ancestry.

None of the relatives who attended the funeral were of his generation. They were all his nieces, nephews and second cousins. All his older relatives had died and/or disowned him.

It turns out that Aunt Lucy and Uncle J.B. met in Texas and had fallen in love there. But, of course, back then it was illegal in Texas for a white person and a black person to marry. So, unwilling to just cohabitate, they ran away to California, got married, and settled there. They were married until the day he died.

I only knew Aunt Lucy as an old lady, but Aunt Alma had a photo of her as a young woman. Suffice it to say that she was the kind of woman that a guy would ditch his family for: smooth brown skin, slanted eyes, high cheek bones, long, thick hair and a beautiful smile.

I hope that Aunt Lucy and Uncle J.B. are in Heaven. I envision them as two handsome young people, walking hand-in-hand, serving the Lord.

Fun fact: my sister’s husband is a white guy from Texas. They have five children and one granddaughter. They live in Fort Worth and in peace.


I don't know if our nation has truly repented as a corporate body of its past and here's something else: if the descendants of those who were wronged refuse to forgive, they, too, will remain prone to the evil forces that desire to take this country down. Other countries have their own spiritual issues to face, but that their problem. I'm concerned about this one.

Repent and forgive. I try to do both every day, for myself and my people: Americans. Pray for this country.

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