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Baldilocks Top Traffic Magnets in 2018

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Excerpts along with. If I get a new one in the next ten days, I'll update. Traffic is way down from last year and that is my fault.

Most of the swarms of eyeball were born of links from Instapundit and from Thomas Wictor's late Twitter account. (Thomas is blogging a Quod Verum.)

These are listed from earliest to most recent.

And, in view of my present and on-going series, several of these older posts address things supernatural, just so you know.


I Don’t Miss George Bush Anymore
George W. Bush thinks we should all thank the illegal aliens for picking the fruit and vegetables that I can barely afford, does he? I’m a huge berry fan. Strawberries run over $3 a pound.

But if I wanted to eat shit, literally and figuratively, pennies.
That Time When the Scales Fell Away From My Eyes (this one was also my favorite)
At best, I acknowledged God’s existence and that was all. I spent my young adult years ignoring Him, which seemed only fair. He had been ignoring me since I was born – or so I thought at the time.
The True Root of the Square-Root Debacle
If I had kids, I'd homeschool them. And I'd teach them about guns, not to mention math.
Principalities and Powers
I can’t discount, however, that the Devil’s advocates are so fearful of Donald Trump that they continue to intercede to their father regarding the man. My enemies’ enemies aren’t necessarily my friends, but there is no way I’m going to agree with a bunch of Devil worshipers
Lock Your Doors
It’s all unprotected [corporeal and spiritual] networks out there, ripe for the intrusion. Unlocked doors and open windows.
Which Guns Do They Want? All of Them
There are dozens, maybe hundreds of street gangs and drug/human-trafficking cartels just salivating at the thought of a disarmed America.

And this leads to the true reason that the Organized Left wants us disarmed.

It's this: any real attempt at confiscation will lead to a lot of death: of gun owners and of confiscators. And after that dies down – no pun intended – there will be only a terrorized remnant, beset on every side by tyrants, thieves, murderers, rapists and child molesters.

And that’s just in the government.
The Tactic of Floating Outrageous BS
[H]ere's the intended aftereffect of the tactic: even after the truth comes out, there will still be a significant segment of the public who believes the falsehood. And there will be nothing you can do to show them that they are wrong.
Why I Was Hesitant to Blog About Obama When He Was President
President Trump say that he would pardon conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. That made me happy and it made me think about the fact that I’m slightly acquainted with Dinesh: I was slated to appear in D’Souza’s documentary 2016: Obama’s America.

Why? Because I am the mirror image of a president.

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