Monday, May 7, 2018

Principalities and Powers


During the 2016 presidential campaign and since Donald Trump’s inauguration, many observers have postulated that the president has the “Nebuchadnezzar anointing” or the “Cyrus anointing.” I have given and continue to give both theories the side-eye. A more valid theory is that President Trump might have some sort of “Naaman anointing.” Naaman was a rough, rude, immoral and leprous gentile who gets healed through the prophet Elisha and ends up worshiping the true God.

However, do we really want to continue to paste Old Testament narratives onto American heads of state? That might not work out so well for us, since godly OT monarchs were in the minority.

But here’s an interesting thing that says a lot about the spiritual forces coming against President Trump:

The school is question is MAAC Charter School in Chula Vista. They have already covered the mural up. Unmistakably, this depiction was one of a demon murdering Donald Trump.

Speaking of Old Testament, I also recall this:
There was much fanfare when witches across the world - and singer Lana Del Rey - pledged to stand together and cast a spell on President Donald Trump on Friday night. (…) 
There was only a handful of people gathered outside the president's Manhattan Midtown penthouse as witches worldwide prepared to cast a magic spell at midnight. 
Men and women had pledged to cast spells under the crescent moon in a bid to stop Trump from doing harm while also possibly banishing him from office. 
The first one was scheduled for Friday night and is set to be followed by similar spells cast on March 26, April 24 and May 23.

While the New York turnout may not have lived up to the hype, social media was flooded with photos of witches posting photos of their set up, with many using the hashtags #bindtrump and #feb24. 
Lana del Rey had earlier tweeted a photo of herself with the caption: 'At the stroke of midnight Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23... Ingredients can b found online.'

Her tweet appeared to be referencing the spell being shared by the witchcraft community online as they prepared to hex Trump.
Demons and witches against Trump? Not exactly a winning slogan, but I may underestimate the number of constituents.

A lot of people – even some Christians -- discount the existence of satanic spiritual forces and ridicule the material-world advocates of these forces. The latter count on this. For the record, I’ve seen some of those forces in action.

I remain a Trump-skeptic, though I heartily approve of many of his actions as president. The reason for my stance is this: any worship of a human being and any hatred of a human being are forms of idolatry.

Either extreme demonstrates the failure to trust in God; this is something I learned from being overly fearful of Barack Obama’s presidency.

I can’t discount, however, that the Devil’s advocates are so fearful of Donald Trump that they continue to intercede to their father regarding the man. My enemies’ enemies aren’t necessarily my friends, but there is no way I’m going to agree with a bunch of Devil worshipers.

I will pray to the Living God for President Trump just I did for President Obama: that he comes to Christ and is wise in his leadership. This was and is the codicil: that any damage a president does to the country – whether accidentally or intentionally -- will be averted. I never pray for the harm or injury of anyone; that tends to bite the pray-er on the backside and, in the case of wishing that on any president of the United States, it would bite this country on its collective backside, regardless of the president’s ideology.

But the Enemy doesn’t care about this and his advocates are fooled into thinking that they are doing good. The Devil, however, always sows chaos, and will abandon his followers after his goals are reached. He does this every time.

I do recall, however, that many Christians prayed that President Obama be removed from office before his maximum eight years were completed, and I'm also betting that some are praying this about President Trump. Well, all is fair in love and spiritual warfare, but ...

Be careful with whom you agree.

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