Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Tactic of Floating Outrageous BS (UPDATE: Old Baldilocks Links From Ten Years Ago)

"Let's see if this one gets by them."
As a recovering dissembler – the lies I told were mostly to myself – I have a unique perspective on lies and liars, at least from afar. (In personal relationships, however, I have been taken in once or twice.)

A couple of days ago, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had this to say about his former bailiwick, the Department of Justice, and how it should operate in relation to the President of the United States.
Twitter king Thomas Wictor -- whose every utterance you should consider, especially when the topic is the situation in the Middle East -- pointed out the obvious. Well it's obvious to those who read the U.S. Constitution every now and then.

To which I replied:
Those who won't read even something as short as the U.S. Constitution are indeed everywhere and they have been created on purpose via our often and justly maligned educational systems. Heck, people don't know the names of the three branches of government, much less the executive branch's hierarchy.

But, remember my first and second assertions. I'll try to explain how it works.

Many public figures in politics and the media use the tactic that Mr. Holder demonstrated: run an outrageous lie up the flagpole and see how many salute. There will always be a great number who, without question, will believe what he and his ideological brethren say. And now that Former President Obama's first attorney general has said that a president of the United States has no authority over the DOJ, he has planted seeds in the minds of like-minded citizens who will never bother to check to see if what he says is true.

And why should they? He was the head of the DOJ and, therefore, knows what he's talking about. Right?

Remember the "animals" uproar? It was just a few days ago. That was another perfect example of this tactic and, in that case, a huge chunk of the mainstream media and the Twitter Blue Check Mark Mafia pretended that President Trump referred to illegal immigrants as animals, when he was actually referring to the demonic gang MS-13.

And here's the intended aftereffect of the tactic: even after the truth comes out, there will still be a significant segment of the public who believes the falsehood. And there will be nothing you can do to show them that they are wrong.

That's the beauty of floating outrageous BS. Call it weaponization of disinformation.

I noticed this pattern long ago and now, with instant communication, it happens so much, I don't usually bother to comment on it. But I did find out that a lot of honest people are shocked that people do this. Honest people expect other people to be honest.

So it is that Eric Holder would pretend that the DOJ is an independent agency. And so what if people like me or Mr. Wictor stare open-mouthed at his ridiculous assertion? His job is done; the weapon is deployed.

Take it from a former sneak, you will see this happen over and over again, if you're paying attention.

UPDATE: Thanks, as always, to the Instapundit, for the link!

FYI, new visitors: I was talking about the explicit Marxism of the Obama edifice before the 2008 election and afterward.

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Mrs. Bear said...

Perhaps the appropriate response to people like Mr Holder who shamelessly deploy The Big Lie is to point out loudly and in public that his credibility should suffer due to the suppressed charges made against him when he was about 17 for homosexual pedophilic rape.