Friday, January 25, 2019

Why They Blamed the Kid At First

The outrage engendered by the photo of a MAGA-hat-wearing white boy – Nicholas Sandmann -- who smiles while an old Native American man -- Nathan Phillips -- beats a drum in his face reminded me of something that I’ve been observing for a while.

My observation: a significant portion of Americans believes that whites are superior to all non-whites.

Thus did Sandmann's white teenaged male MAGA smile trigger irrational revulsion in the chattering class. Much of that revulsion was directed inward.

I bet this is what they saw.

Case in point for the latter: the initial outrage transcended political boundaries; a number of white male conservatives at the National Review condemned young Sandmann at the onset, showing that -- like a significant portion of the Left -- they, too, believe in the natural superiority and in the blood guiltiness of white men.

And here is further evidence for my overarching opinion: the whole scenario was provoked by the Black Hebrew Israelites (who?), who began this sordid episode of 2019 life by hurling gay and racial epithets at Sandmann and his boy’s school classmates, who are mostly white. And even BHI – ostensibly a black supremacism group – displays its underlying fear of black inferiority in relation to white males by taunting one of the black students among the school boys. They warned him that his classmates would “harvest his organs.”

But there has been little mainstream outrage at BHI for its non-PC behavior. In fairness, I doubt that the BHI members would give a rip if there had been. Mainstream outrage only works on those who care about their mainstream image.

(Side note: there are many groups who want all the benefits of being Jewish/Hebrew/Israelite but want none of the drawbacks.)

To review the players, we have:
  • Black Hebrew Israelite men shouting insults at white boys – and at one black boy among them
  • An American Indian man beating a drum in a white boy’s face, and
  • The white boy smiling and saying nothing in response
  • Mainstream media holding the boys responsible for the whole situation and ascribing no responsibility to black and Native American men.
The only solution to this problem is for you white dudes to abdicate all positions of religious, political, journalistic, familial, etc. power or die. Or both. I suppose that you all could start with the abdication part and let the rest of us run the world.

The end would come a lot quicker, which would be a plus, in my view.

Seriously, we of the darker persuasion are not expected to subscribe to the norms of civilized behavior, because, in the view of the Left and some of the Right, we are genetically incapable of it.  To all too many -- including many, many non-whites -- we are capable only of being victims of whites, even of white children. And non-white men have no moral agency. So they get a pass for behaving like children themselves.

But those who believe this will never admit it -- many not even to themselves.

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