Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Goodbye Google Plus -- And Almost All Old Comments

Last week I received email from Google informing me that Google Plus was going away -- at least for low-traffic rabble like me. This wouldn't be a big deal except for one HUGE issue.

I misread the email and though I had until March 1st to fix things, but just discovered that all comments and followers that interacted with this blog via Google Plus are gone as of yesterday.

From my dashboard:

Apologies to all my commenters.

What I probably do: add Disqus. But I am considering returning to Typepad. The only reason I went away from it is that I had been using its monthly paid service for years, and when my descent into penury began in 2014, I changed to Typepad's free service. But Blogspot's free service was better, so I moved to this platform.

That you get what you pay for remains a constant in the universe.


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Jim Armstrong said...

Yeah, I got that notice, too, but I haven't used Google + in months, so it's no great loss to me. Never did like how it worked, personally.

Jerry McClellan said...

Never really used it myself. Just posted a few images here and there.