Saturday, June 29, 2019

My June 2019 Post Digest for Da Tech Guy Blog

Aftereffects of the Obama Presidency
We spent eight years being afraid of what Obama had in store for us next. I want to see what’s in store for him.
How Bad is LA?

I can say this for certain: the entirety of LA has not become some horrid fantasy combo of trash and cooties.
The Irrelevance of Presidential Likability
Fact is, most people will accept tyranny if the tyrant blows smoke up their asses.
Open Service to the Principalities and Powers
You want the enemy’s servants to be open about their identity. This indicates arrogance — a fatal flaw.
Trump Takes Away and Gives
I, too, am angry, Nancy, but not at President Trump and not even at you and your party. After all, we expect you to favor foreigners over Americans and to screech RACISM!!! when you don’t get your way. Nature of the beast.

I’m angry at my party.
I am again reminded of how much goodness there is out there in the highways and byways of our great country.
Let It Go
Jesus the Christ said that, immediately prior to the Last Days, nation would rise against nation. He was referring to tribal/racial conflict, but He also warned His followers to not be deceived by it.
A Slice of the CA Voter Fraud Pie
California, thy name is voter fraud, judicial nullification and shady transactions, high and low.
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