Wednesday, July 28, 2021


The other day a friend shared what was thought to be a microscope photo of a cell and I was stricken by it. “This is a universe,” was my comment. Thus, has the photo has been on my mind since.

 As it turns out, it was not a photo. My friend shared it from a third person who called it a photo of a human cell. Google Images revealed, however, that it’s an illustration – a cross section of an animal cell. The illustration is a creation of Russell Kightley, an Australian designer and author. And as someone who cares about getting paid for what I create, I bought his work. Still very fascinating. 

Of late, however, I am skeptical of almost anything on the internet; pictures, photos, illustrations, documents, stories, studies, assertions -- everything out there. And it’s a good thing. The main reason that I took a break from writing this: to stop and reassess how I think and what I’m doing, if I’m doing anything, and … 

To become less of a part of the kingdom of lies

It is certain that I am less certain of where I stand on the things of this world and now, when I put forth my opinions and views, I’d like to be more careful of the processes to which I come to conclusions rather than stressing the importance of the conclusion itself. That applies even to the one thing I’m 100% certain of: that Jesus the Christ is Lord. 

A lot of the “facts” we’ve taken for granted since well before our births (mine was almost 60 years ago) are lies. Are bullshit. And this mountain of lies erupted like a volcano last year. All the things we thought we knew were bullshit. And not just since 2020, but maybe in the last 20 or 30 years the purveyors of bullshit have become super bold. They realize that it’s very, very easy to pull the wool over the eyes of not just the American public, but the entire world – the eyes of every human being. 

With all of that in mind I present my theory spurred by Mr. Kightley’s illustration. 

I was thinking about the fact that if every cell is a universe, that means every cell in our bodies, every cell of everything is some kind of universe. 

What if this universe is a cell of someone’s body and the lifecycle of this cell has been outlined in the Bible? What if everything we are seeing right now is merely the sloughing off of a defective cell ready to be washed down the drain like your dead skin cells during a warm shower?

And what if the means to save the redeemable parts of this dying cell are outlined in the Bible also?

Is your brain exploding? I hope not. 

Body of Christ indeed. 

(Thanks to Rick E.)  

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