Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Message to the Black, White, Man, Woman: GROW UP!!!

It has been a while since I've posted a full-on rant. This one has been building up for a while.

I have asked God for forgiveness in advance for my language and for saying the following. He knows that I am not saying it in vain, nor am I mocking Him, since I've thought the up-coming enough times. So here goes...

Jesus H. Christ!

Are you confused about what's happening on the black-white racial front right now? I sure as hell am--well, sort of. Okay, I'm really not that confused. What I am is this: tired. I've said so before. But, without going all the way back to the Old Testament this time, I'm going to outline toss against my monitor the more recent reasons for my fatigue.

I'm tired of black people acting like children and tired of white people treating black people like children. I'm also tired of black people getting pissed when someone treats them like adults.

I'm tired of the political Left feeding the infantilization of black people.

And, I'm tired of the political Right feeling the need to walk on eggshells around black people.

Both yesterday and today, I've pointed to Leftist infantilization, because it is the deadliest and the biggest load of shit.

On Facebook, I said:
Black people, in general, are treated as children by white leftists. As slaves. 
This is why white leftists freak out over black conservatives; we don't want to be their children/slaves. It is also why black leftist slaves call black conservatives "sell-outs": they think that we have been bought as well. 
Think about that. Leftists of any color cannot conceive of black persons as free: free in body, and, most especially, in thinking. 
A Facebook friend repeated my comment in a non-partisan political group and described the now-deleted response as a 'war.'

Then, on Twitter I said:
In response, a longtime blog friend, Darkstar, responded with this:
It is his long-held assertion that "plantation rhetoric" is insulting and hurtful.

Really? Is it not true that black Americans are, mostly, descendants of American Slavery? And is it not true that, since the 1960s, the Democrat Party has treated black Americans as political chattel? And is it not true that a significant number of black women and children have been fed, clothed, and housed for a couple of generations by government funds? What the Hell else is that but slavery?

And what about that "plantation rhetoric?" Why is it hurtful? Are black Americans ashamed that their ancestors were slaves? Why? And if some are ashamed, why do our Leftist-appointed black "leaders" and others keep bringing it up to throw in the face of white Americans?

Darkstar seems to think that conservatives (not a reference to the Republican Party) are saying "come on over to our plantation." But the tiniest bit of research into conservative ideology refutes that bullshit. What conservatives are saying to black Americans is this: "Build your own 'plantation.' And we are for a government that will get out of the way of you doing that very thing."

(And, by the way, a bunch of black people have recently burned down a town!!! Bet there are a lot of got-damn hurt feelings about that.)

And, please excuse me while I whip THIS out about "plantation rhetoric" and a few other items that have been annoying  the shit out of me for quite some time.

Why does every Leftist Tom, Dick, and Harry assert that every malady afflicting black Americans is the result of slavery?

And why does every white Rightist Tom, Dick and Harry say "I'm not a racist, but...?" Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a shit if you are. Just stay out of the way of my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and I'll stay out of the way of yours.

And why does every black Leftist Tom, Dick, and Harry want to get ancestral vengeance for this same slavery? Will that stop our dead ancestors from having been slaves? What about that job you keep whining about that the white man won't give you? If you kill him, he can't give you a damned thing.

And why does every white Leftist asshole--like this dipshit--want to understand "racism" whenever one black or a group of blacks fucks up?

And why does every Rightist Tom, Dick, and Harry assert that Barack Obama is not a "legal African American"--whatever the fuck that is--because his alleged father is a Kenyan Luo and his mother is a white American?

My biological father is also a Kenyan Luo and my mother is a black American descendant of American slaves. So, whenever this ridiculous assertion comes up, I always ask whether I am a half "African American." I never get an answer, not even an acknowledgement of how stupid that shit is.

Side notes: fuck Barack Obama for being a puppet of the Left and the Islamists and, thereby, fucking up my country; not to mention besmirching my tribe. Oh yes, and to those who keep repeating the totally, unadulterated bullshit about my tribe being Muslim slavers: fuck you, too.

And fuck the rest of you and your tender feelings./gratuitous

I almost prefer the hardcore white supremacist gearing up for the coming Race War or the black thug trying to break into my dwelling place to most of the rest of you. I can just plug either one of them, pray for them as they die, and bless them at least a little bit for not being so full of bullshit as a lot of you are.

A few words to my fellow Americans...

Stop opening up your legs and having babies for assholes and expecting the government to support you and your children, black women. You wonder why all they want to do is smoke blunts, steal shit and fight white people and each other? Look in the mirror.

Stop spreading your seed far and wide, then abandoning them to the government, black men. Oh and by the way, stop being thieves, murderers, drug dealers, rapists, etc. You wonder why your kids are stupid? You probably made some of them with your first cousin.

Stop doing all of the above, too, white people.

Stop being dupes to the racial hatred that the Leftist-controlled government has long been trying to gin up, black and white people--but, especially white people, since you are in the majority and are the main target for the ginning up.

Does it seem that I'm harder on the black people? Tough shit. It's because we are the ones who are fucking up the most. We have the most choices and, since the 1960s, we have made most of the wrong decisions.

Children whine when they are criticized. Adults consider the criticism and decide whether it's time to walk in a different direction or not.

Which one are you?

And to those of you who don't like this post, you are cordially invited to kiss my black African and American ass. It's like that today. Get over it.
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go-getter said...

I agree, very well said. Juliette, is that the same Darkstar who used to post on Bookerrising?

baldilocks said...

go-getter: Highly likely.