Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mini Fundraiser--the Payback

My cousin, Tracy Allen, asked her husband to loan me his van so that I can take care of moving. I had professionals get the big stuff, by they would take none of the crystal or china --still for sale--or any other breakables, so I had to take care of that myself. The van came in very handy.

However, Jeff Allen is an independent business man and he was offered business today, but could not take it because I have his method of transportation. And here's something else: I hit his passenger-side mirror-housing. I don't even know what I tapped, but the housing is hanging off. (Question: is there a flash on an iPad?) UPDATE: Photo removed. Will take a better one of the boo-boo in the daylight.

So I'm doing a modest fundraiser for Jeff and created a button specifically for that purpose. Please add that you are donating to the reimbursement of Jeff Allen's business loss: $250 and a something the get his mirror-housing fixed. We'll do this for five days.


Look at this (my third van-load)!

Doesn't look much different from this, does it? :::ponders the nature of useless crap::::

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