Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Accept the Shame You Cast Upon Me

All of you who are for the seeding of Syrian refugees into the United States, including you, Mr. President, are morally better than I am. And I accept the shame that you keep trying to heap upon those of us who have been against President Obama's generous example of Americanism. I am ashamed of myself.

And, even though the USA takes in 70% of all resettled United Nations-designated refugees in the world, I am so, so ashamed of my stance on this latest proposed set of refugees. Because of your opposing view, you are my moral betters. You are better Americans than I am.

Happy now? I knew you would be. It makes me happy to make you happy.

But I’m still against it. I am so, so, sorry that your moral preening has not budged my opinion in the least!
So, please, Mr. President, spare us your sanctimony and condescension.
That goes for the rest of you.

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1 comment:

Herb said...

I join you in the shame you expressed for opposing the importation of Syrian refugees. I would welcome the Syrian Christians who are truly being persecuted by the Islamic Jihadists.

Hope things get better soon.