Friday, November 20, 2015

Read This Stuff (11/20/15)

Dear Liberals: Your Hypocrisy on Islam is Most Staggering of All

Dear white people: Your days are numbered

In Search of the Deep Structure of Cosmic Assoulery
[T]he war on sexual differences goes much deeper than sex, all the way down to ontology. Thus, it is an attack on being, on our most primordial cosmic signposts.

One of the benefits of respect for sexual differences is that it opens up the possibility of cultural spheres that are free of sexual tension. But the left is well on the way to destroying all such sex-free zones.

Consider how quickly we went from homosexuals in the military to the federal government now forcing high school girls to shower with boys who think they're girls. In the name of the Constitution!

So now, the violence of the state is being used to deny the basic reality of sexual differences. Or in other words, diabolical Power is shamelessly tearing truth from our midst by the root.
Gaghdad Bob's blog (above) is one of the minority of blogs I read where the comments are as interesting as the blog posts.

Stefan Molyneux makes the same point I tried to make in my snarky previous post using a different topic.

Stopped-clock situation: Democrat president is exposed as the racist he Leftists.

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