Friday, November 20, 2015

An All-Purpose Cudgel ...

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Originally posted on August 7, 2009 at my old blog, hence the contemporaneous references. I had to change/remove some of the links due to deadness.

…is the Billy-club labeled ‘racist.’ By using it to hit an ideological opponent, the wielder of this blunt instrument never has to provide a substantive defense of his/her position. 
And because many black Americans and other minorities have been well-indoctrinated with the notion that any occasion during which they do not get their way is due to the...ahem...tinge of racism, many such persons are all too ready to beat the Other over the head with it.

Don't believe me?  Ask people like my brother-in-law, Mark -- the archetypal White Cop of all your racial nightmares.  He constantly receives the blows of this cudgel, all while refraining from mentioning how much it would surprise his wife and children to know how much he hates black people.  (I'm surprised that Mark's second-born -- the family comedian -- hasn't whipped out the race card in jest at his dad.  He’ll get around to it. (UPDATE 2020: Mark's second-born is now an Air Force officer. His first-born is also a cop.)
I would say that those who hurl the racism epithet toward critics of President Obama don’t expect the charge to make sense. Sense isn’t necessary due to the fact that the racist label has become such an effective destroyer of careers and reputations in the last thirty-five years.  Thus do the accusers expect the charge to have the same power that it has had over that time period. It’s the Tar Baby of tar babies, ironically enough, and woe to the white human being who is unfortunate enough to be stuck to it.
For the sycophants of President Obama specifically, crying racism has become an easy way to avoid addressing  his long-articulated leftism, his incipient fascism, his lawlessness, his mendacity and his general executive incompetence his studied indifference toward adhering to proven executive practices, even his own stated methods.
But what happens when this weapon is used too much?  What happens when every single criticism of the first ever POTUS of African descent is chalked up to racism and the criticism is never adequately addressed or even addressed at all?
People start ignoring the epithet, begin to lose the fear of being smeared and continue to stand against an administration who seeks to change this country for the worse.
If it’s racist to protest when a thief has his hand in your pocket, then count me in.  And, new visitors, before you link or comment on the last statement and make a fool of yourselves, read this.
Just say no to "re-distributive change" aka banditry.

Comment to last line, November 20, 2015: Too late!

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