Saturday, November 21, 2015

Read This Stuff (11/21/15) (UPDATE)

Romney was right...again.

Funny, you don't look Hispanic.

An Open Letter Regarding the Claremont Protest
[C]alling someone a 'racist' has nothing to do with what someone actually believes, but one's position in an artificial political war. This fight is not about crime and punishment, it's not even about the law. It's a tawdry catfight over bourgeois privileges between bourgeois actors who desperately seek to inherit the imprimatur of Civil Rights struggle. My ass.
The Advantages of Creating You Own Job

Democrats Are From Barsoom

Talk Like Trump

The No True Muslim Fallacy (Thanks to Kathy Shaidle)

Vietnam veteran shamed at Charlotte airport (I sent Jonn this story on a tip from one of my cousins.)
I don’t need to tell you that this isn’t the type of behavior that we condone here at TAH and I doubt if any of you would act like this. But, it is strange that the website “Popular Military” are the folks most responsible for the dissemination of this story, because they’re the folks most responsible for this kind of confrontation. They post videos over there of any kind of so-called Stolen Valor confrontation. They encourage that behavior – you know, even though there are no veterans on the staff at Popular Military – they bought the website from a group of veterans. But, chasing a homeless guy into traffic because he’s wearing ACU trousers isn’t really stolen valor enforcement. Popular Military will publish any video that is sent to them with total disregard for content. That’s why I didn’t link them in this article.
Now, let me get started on some content of my own!

ONE MORE: Black-on-black (proposed) crime. Nothing to see here. (Thanks to Carol Swain. And,no, Professor Swain, he won't get charged with a "hate crime," not unless self-hatred counts.)

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