Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's Sunday you you know what my plan is for the bulk of the day.

My Sunday morning online destinations always include The Sunday Morning Book Thread at Ace of Spades HQ, conducted by Oregon Muse. Between the post and the comments, I usually end up with 5-8 more books on my various wishlists.

While talking with others online about books, I was surprised to find out that many whom I considered tech-savvy, did not know that they could access e-books and audiobooks from local public libraries using a cellphone. Well, you can. I discovered audiobooks a few years ago; I played them on the car speakers and, now, I listen to them as I ride the bus/train, which definitely makes any commute less annoying.

The LA Public Library uses Overdrive for its electronic offerings. Obviously, there's an app. And if you must buy a Kindle offering--like mine--you don't need to own a Kindle to read it; just download the Kindle app to your iPhone, Android, whatever.

Oregon Muse often provides helpful book acquisition tips for those of us who cannot afford to buy all the books we want. Here's one:
I...wanted to point out a very handy tool for the reading Moron on a budget. EreaderIQ is a free service that lets you sign up for price watches on particular books, or a particular author. Was *very* handy last week when a huge swath of Georgette Heyer went on sale for $1.99 apiece (vs. 9.99, sheesh!). It has other clever options for freebies and suchlike, but the author/book watch is the one I use the most.
OM also gives consistent support to the Citizen Novelist, like your hostess.

There will be more here later, but, for now, go read the book thread. See ya later!

FUNDRAISING UPDATE: The goal is $1500 in sales and donations by November 30. As of today at 9:00 AM PT, there have been three donations of $135.00 and one sale for $10.99, totaling to $145.99. Thank you!

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