Monday, November 23, 2015

Short View of the Other Long March (UPDATED)

Fourteen centuries ago, the majority of sub-Saharan African tribes failed to unite against the onslaught of Islam and that is the reason that the continent has been in perpetual disarray for subsequent centuries. The Islamic conquerors did what they usually do: murder and castrate the men and boys, rape the women--and enslave. A thousand-plus years of that...

And the Usurpers continue.

Conversely, Western Europe thrived because its tribes withstood, for the most part, the attempted incursions of the Ottoman Empire and other Islamic entities--even as the European tribes continuously went to war among themselves. They had a strong banner under which to unite.

Modern-day Europe seems intent on correcting this "error," having long discarded the Banner well before poisoned fruit of that repudiation was tasted. Divine retribution?

The USA is being lead down this path as well, even as our leaders--and even some of our friends--attempt to shame us into following the road of death.

Pray for your leaders, especially the ones you dislike. Pick up the Banner again.

UPDATE: An even shorter history lesson:

Muhammad's followers consider him to have been the "perfect man" and strive to emulate him. Noted.

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