Friday, November 13, 2015

Maybe Trump Never Had to Cut a B*tch.

Donald Trump says that Ben Carson has a pathological disease [sic] and that pathological diseases "can't be cured." Um, what?

Leaving aside that Trump may be just saying stuff for effect--to plant notions in weaker minds and to attempt to provoke his most dangerous political opponent; and leaving aside this opponent refuses to play the game, something just occurred to me about Donald Trump's shock at Ben Carson's admission to pulling a knife on someone, as the latter admitted to doing as a teenager.

Donald Trump grew up rich and privileged. Ben Carson did not.

As someone who grew up more like Ben Carson, I know personally that violence is often more close at hand than is likely so in more upper-class environs. This is not a race thing or even a class-envy thing. It simply is what it is.

Maybe Trump was able to buy off his school-yard enemies. The rest of us, however, were forced to use means of defending ourselves.

Okay, that last was just gratuitous. :)

(Thanks to Gail Meek for the title idea.)

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