Friday, November 13, 2015

Read (and Listen to) This Stuff (11/13/15)

--Black Man who has actually thought through the ridiculous notion of Race War. (ht: Vanderleun)

--The Claremont Independent calls out the cowards among student body and administration alike. (The Claremont College System is in California.)

--Dumber than a brick.

--Trump stuff and more.

--Top 10 False Claims of Racism on Campus.

--Postmodernism debunked again.

Yes, most everything is evolving, but the fact that we can say this means that at least one thing isn't evolving. That would be a little thing called truth. Unless you believe nothing is true, in which case your theory of evolution falls by its own standard.
--Hey kids! You know your parents voted for it, right? (ht: Stephen Green)
University of Missouri graduate students, including hunger strike protester Jonathan Butler, have been protesting on campus in part because of cuts to the students’ health-care coverage as a result of Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act.
Frickin pinheads.

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