Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Super Hero for Blacks

These people, I swear...

In commentary to the flap about no black actors being nominated for this year's Academy Award, actress and Fox News commentator Stacey Dash opined that the USA should get rid of Black History Month. No biggy to me. Symbolic gestures have their place, but sometimes they are pointless and BHM has become that.

Here's the deal: what good does it do to learn long-ago black history if black men and women don't make sure that their children understand how important their more recent heritage is? And how is that accomplished? By getting married. As things stand right now for black Americans in 2016 and for the last 50 years, there are as many black ancestry lines which disappear into a fog as there were back before the Civil War.

Back on topic. Dash is part black and because of her opinion, comedian John Fugelsang--who is white--had this to say about her. 
He's getting quite the pummeling--including from me--but I'm guessing that he doesn't understand the reaction at all. And to be honest, I wouldn't know where to begin to explain because, likely, his faulty assumptions are Legion.

I can only think to go to the foundation: [insert tribe here] supremacism. All tribal supremacism doctrines hold that tribes -- or races, if you will -- have certain individual ways of thinking which are DNA-specific, to all members of an individual tribe and which have rank; some tribes' ways of thinking are better than others, that is.

This is Fugelsang's unconscious assumption, unconscious being the operative word. Another one is that, no matter what year it is, it's always 1968. He probably feels persecuted, poor thing.

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