Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Party Organs

Women can support whomever they damn well please. We don't have to support someone just because they have the same reproductive organs.
Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem are sharing internal organs? Medical innovation has progressed a lot further than I thought! :::shudder:::

Just kidding, Ashe Schow, and, in spite of the clunky wording, women can, indeed, support whichever candidate they want.

But the assertions of Steinem and Albright rebuking young women for backing Clinton's Democrat party nomination rival Bernie Sanders betray an old, familiar mindset, though neither say it outright. They believe that any member of the “natural born victim” groups, that is women, blacks, and other non-whites, automatically forfeit the group membership(s) to which they were born when they stray from Leftist ideology in word and/or deed--like supporting any man over a Leftist woman.

Using the example that Schow used, Carly Fiorina is no longer a woman, according to Leftist ideology and ideologues, because she is a Republican. Were she a front-runner in the GOP presidential nomination race, the ideologues would be all over her. We saw a parallel phenomenon with Dr. Ben Carson—who, of course, is black--back when he was deemed to be a contender in the GOP race, no pun intended.

This way of thinking is a justifier for action. And, as with many justifications for attack, truth and logic are non-factors. No assertion issuing forth from any approved-Leftist ever has to be true or make sense. Never forget this.

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