Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gang War

Copyright 2016 by Simpsons' creator 

Call: “I don’t support Trump.”

Response: “So you must be supporting Hillary.”

I marvel at the tendency of people to mindlessly assign others to either the friendly or the opposing “tribe.” Notice all the unsupported assumptions in the response? I count three.

About options: sometimes there are no goods ones; on the other hand, sometimes there are options which have not presented themselves yet.

Readers can guess that I am not a fan of either party’s presumptive front-runner, but especially that of the GOP; in fact, I don’t rule out the notion that the two are working together. We've seen even more outlandish things in the last eight years.

I am a fan of God’s, however, and I’ve seen His pattern in the affairs of men. Therefore, I won’t be pushed into this dolled-up knife fight on someone else’s terms.
As I keep telling you, guard your heart. Why? Because it is the true item that is up for grabs.

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