Monday, March 21, 2016

Your Unprotected Network: More On What I Said Yesterday

Many others besides me have talked about how the thinking of the American public is warped almost from the second we are set before any teacher in a public school classroom. One of the outcomes of this is binary thinking:

1. There are only two solutions to a given problem, and
2. Those two solutions are mutually exclusive.

And just to break through my own tendency toward binary thinking, I concede that more forms of it exist. However, I want to talk about these two with respect to the Cold Civil War between GOP voters who are Trump supporters and/or fans and those who never vote for Trump and who have publicly vowed not to do so even if he becomes the GOP nominee for POTUS.

And, yes, I want to take the side of those who dislike and distrust Trump, because I am one of those and have been long before this campaign started.

Donald Trump is a liberal. Period. He can call himself a conservative Republican, join the party, and run for president wearing that party’s label; none of that changes his core. His essence and pattern of professional behavior are ideologically Leftist.

Of course, we understand why many of us are unable to see this, and short of a shooting spree on NYC’s Fifth Avenue--maybe--I don’t see that changing.

What I want to do here is lay out my thinking about the following ad nauseam “conversation”:
Anti-Trump: “I will never vote for Trump.”
Pro-Trump: “Then, you’re voting for Hillary.”
The pro-Trump response implies,

1) that Trump has already won the nomination,
2) that no third candidate could win the presidency,
3) that Hillary will be able to serve as president, should she get elected, and
4) that Trump and Hillary are ideologically different and that either of their presidencies would be different from the other.

Number four is the most important implication of the pro-Trump response.

Oh I could go on about the long-standing friendship of the two, his repeated financial support of her political aspirations, and his pattern of giving lip service and actual service to leftist/elitist/authoritarian/tyrannical policies—especially those which benefit him--but it would be a waste of keystrokes. Those who are willing to see, have seen. Again, the inability to recognize patterns and push away wishful thinking comes into play.

Inside--where it counts--the two are demonstrably the same and a Trump presidency would be worse--for conservatives especially.

Let’s say that Trump supporters and fans get their wish and Donald Trump becomes the president of the United States. I predict that the response will be very much like this (see comments). It will be “nyah, nyah, nyah! We won, you anti-Trump poopy-heads.”

But, as Thomas Sowell has undoubtedly already asked, what comes after that?

This: the same thing that would happen with a Hillary Clinton presidency, only with a Republican coating on it: tyranny.

This is why, from the beginning of the Trump candidacy, I’ve said that he was planted into the race. Like a virus planted into an unprotected a network, his “conservatism” is intended to destroy the GOP. (That it deserves to die, is true, but beside the point.)

And, as a result, conservative and Republican people will take the blame for the actions of  "their" president, whether a person voted for him or not. Looking at the pattern we have seen and are seeing, that blame will include the consequence of violence.

Here’s another unprotected network: the miseducated and spiritually-deficient individual, who is more concerned with others telling him that he’s wrong about Trump than with long-term survival.

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