Monday, April 18, 2016

Carson and Trump Repudiate Representative Republicanism

Jeff Goldstein, in the comments to his epic rant against Trump and Trump fans, notes something eye-popping. (Rant has language that might sting your virgin eyeballs.)

In pretending that his campaign was cheated out of a win in Colorado, Donald Trump is attacking state-level representative (small-r) republicanism itself. He is trying to delegitimize state primary and caucus systems.

And it’s no coincidence that former GOP presidential candidate and present Trump proxy Dr. Benjamin Carson compared the Electoral College System to Jim Crow laws.

Those who care about the foundation of the United States as a representative republic and those who know that each state is a republic unto itself—or is supposed to be--should be very alarmed at this pattern.

Says Jeff:
[T]hey advocate for centralization, direct democracy, and mob rule, the very things the left wants as it collects more and more urban dwellers in population centers as “clients.”
Both Trump's and Carson’s reactions seem incredibly stupid, as assertions based in falsehood will, but I contend that the reactions of the two betray more than just two men who seem to know nothing about the ideological bases of the country's founding.

What I think: they both do know about the federalism, republicanism, and about the choosing of delegates. They are hoping you don't, however. They know that a goodly portion of the American voting public is insufficiently informed about republics versus democracies, primaries versus caucuses, federal government versus state/local governments, and American history in general; a deficiency due to the fact that these topics are rarely taught to K-12 students in public schools. Another factor: autodidactism is a rare trait.

Pertinent side note: the funny part about Carson’s moronic statement regarding the Electoral College is that its very purpose is to protect political minorities. Conversely, Jim Crow laws were majority-rule laws created to de facto oppress/exploit racial minorities. One wonders about Carson's stance on the treatment of minorities of any stripe.

The two are playing a role. Well, Trump is playing a role. Carson was merely bought or was blackmailed in as a bit player. He was given his line and he delivered it. He even added a little anger and moral outrage.

Can you tell that I’m no longer an admirer of Dr. Carson’s? It started with his outrage at the Cruz Campaign for something which the campaign did not do. It hindsight, it seems that Carson was telegraphing his intent to support the Trump campaign; but for that he needed to make up a reason to do so. A pretext.

I suppose we should expect all public figures to disappoint us, especially politicians. But Trump and his associates seem to have left all pretense of integrity behind.

Actually, it’s kind of refreshing.

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