Friday, April 22, 2016

The Conservative, Anti-Establishment Candidate

The other day, Donald Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino pointed to a YouTube video which shows his boss testifying before congress in 1991.

This is what Scavino says about the testimony.
I don't dispute Trump's expertise. Be that as it may, in the video, Trump criticizes Ronald Reagan and one of the late president’s actions in particular: cutting taxes. I thought Trump want to be the "New Reagan."

In the video, Trump says that he was asked to testify against Reagan and his actions by “the chairman.” That’s likely to be the chairman of the House Budget Subcommittee in 1991’s Democratic Congress. Wonder who that was...

Oh look! The chairman in question was Leon Panetta, Democrat from California, former Clinton Chief of Staff, and former Obama Secretary of Defense and CIA Director. If Trump is working for the Democrat Establishment in 2016, his employment certainly has precedent.

But, perhaps Mr. Trump has, upon further reflection, changed his mind about this major peg of conservative economic philosophy/policy.

Not even.

Something to ponder. All candidates talk about businesses returning to the USA after the latter have moved operations to foreign locals. One of the reasons which such businesses move is to not be required to pay high taxes. But if a President Trump advocates for the raising of taxes on the “rich,” why would the rich come back?

I guess it depends on one’s philosophy about leading humans and human organizations. A leader can attempt to convince potential followers that his/her leadership ideas are in the followers’ best interest.

Or a leader can use force on potential followers.

Trump has talked about forcing businesses to come back. How would that work, exactly?

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