Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Da Tech Guy Blog Posts in April 2016

Eater of Hot Sauce knows nothing about throwing bones.
Organized Chaos
I’m Old Enough to Remember When Others Tried to Shame Me for Talking About Nuking a Fool
We Will Get What We Ask For
The Way It Is
Hot Sauce and Bones
Living by Faith
Kenya Trip: Post Feelies

About WePay/Everbutton: they've seen things my way, so I'll keep them...for now. I do suggest that others do more research.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, I blog at the award-winning DaTechGuyBlog. Latest post: Inserting a New Language Into a Not-So-New Brain.

This is my JOB. It pays for: A Roof Over My Head, the writing of My Next Book(s), and Utilities--especially Internet and COFFEE! Yes, coffee is a utility.

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