Monday, December 12, 2016

Desperation Rising

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There is a segment of the Left which will do everything it can to prevent Donald Trump’s inauguration. That includes taking CIA evidence-free speculation about Russia's alleged role in last month's American election and then tarnish anyone who questions it.

We watch as those who blame the Right and American gun-owners for Islamic Terror in San Bernardino, Orlando, Ohio and then strut around questioning the patriotism of those who are skeptical of CIA as it exposes its “secrets.”

Riots and vote recounts didn’t work, so now it’s all about the Russians—the same Russians with whom President Obama wanted to be  more flexible for whatever reason.

As for the CIA, it has a long record of failure and interference within American presidencies as well as in the politics of other countries.

This book documents those failures and duplicities.

One set of failures stands out in its irony considering the recent death of Fidel Castro. During the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon Administrations, the CIA was tasked hundreds of times to assassinate Castro. It failed miserably, obviously.

It’s why I think that Castro may have returned the favor where Kennedy is concerned--with a little help from his friends of course.

It's going to get worse as Inauguration Day gets closer. The Organized Left is desperate to have Clinton as president and I think that it's a good idea to speculate--again--as to why that is. More coming.

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